Maxing the complex simple

Offer business telephony, broadband, mobiles, IT services and card payment solutions.

Bizbox is designed as a small business offering that allows partners to provide a combined connectivity, telephony and payment services into a single pricing model whilst maximising margin opportunity:

  • Upfront hardware and setup
  • Payment revenue share
  • Ongoing support and connectivity
  • Increase sales / margin - A complete small business offering removing support overlap
  • Reduce churn - Increase stickiness as competitors typically provide only one component of the service
  • Incremental recurring revenue - Build an additional and ongoing revenue stream
  • Simple operating model - Comtrol offer end to end delivery and support directly with the end customer

Product Benefits and Key USPs

Small businesses are often juggling suppliers and staying up to date with technology is tough. But our solution is simple; keep your communications and card payment systems, all in one place. We do the tech, they run their business.

  • Offer business telephony, broadband, mobiles, IT services and card payment solutions.
  • Maximise end customers’ experience as well as ensuring compliance and conformance with regulations and guidelines.
  • Single point of contact simplifying the end customers business operations and improved service levels.
  • Minimise business disruption
    Spend more time focused on the business and less time dealing with managing IT and multiple suppliers
  • Reduce Costs
    Reduce overlapping supplier costs to make sure the customer is getting the most for their budget
  • Increase sales
    Increase footfall, dwell time and customer experience. 62% of businesses notice customers spending more time on their premises with Guest WiFi.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Achieve and maintaining GDPR and PCI compliance
  • Protect business from external attacks
    Integrated enterprise security and firewall to minimize the risk of reputational damage and financial loss

Product description

One trusted supplier, one simple package. Our solutions will make their life easier and the business more efficient.

Business Communications

  • HD Touch handsets
    Connect your teams and customers through voice and video thanks to our industry-leading phone systems and tablet-like touchscreen handsets.
  • Softphone
    Have the same functionality on existing devices. Telephony Make the most of business boosting features like virtual switchboard and advertising on hold included as standard.
  • Always on Broadband
    Get the right speeds to keep up with your business and ensure your always connected with our 4G backup.
  • Firewall
    Mitigate cyber security threats and meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR and PCI DSS compliance.
  • Corporate Wi-Fi
    Encrypted and segregated W-Fi networks across your business premises
  • Guest Wi-Fi
    No need to give out passwords – provide secure Guest W-Fi with included content filtering
  • Mobiles and data
    Choose the best handsets, networks and rates to match the needs of your team. Keep your teams and your customers connected, wherever the day takes them.
  • Support
    We’ve got your back with our SLAs, consistent across all aspects of the end to end solution.

Card Payment Solutions

  • Cost transparency
    Complete clarity regarding what you pay for and what you need. Say goodbye to hidden or obscured charges and fees.
  • Latest Card Terminal
    Easy to use and ‘all in one’ with scanner and printer. Use outdoors with integrated 4G.

Key stats and KPIs

  • 5.5 million SMB companies in UK in 2021 with over 50% indicating they intend to spend more on IT as they emerge from the experience of COVID-19.
  • Anticipated additional 300k new SMBs per year over next 3 years.
  • During the last 18-months, over 45% of UK small businesses reported losing the equivalent of at least one day’s business due to IT related causes.