Data Centre Hosting

Sustainable and carbon neutral computing, powered and cooled by glacier.

Save up to 70% on OPEX using 100% renewable energy.

Our strategic partner Compute Nordic provides sustainable, carbon neutral data centre and computing resources including connectivity, infrastructure operation, application operation and management.

Our services enable our customer to:

  • Achieve sustainability goals - 100% renewable energy data centres reducing CO2 footprint.
  • Decrease hosting costs - Cut operational cost of data centre services up to 70%.
  • Meet current and future capacity requirements - More than 165MW available undiluted from the grid and 60,000m2 regulated land.
  • Implement rapidly - Minimal downtime in service transition or lag to activation with up to 1MW in 1 week and 20MW in 3 months.
  • Lower operating risks - Norway is one of the safest countries to host services and we offer service levels up to 100%.
  • Price Transparency - Ensure your costs are predictable including fixed priced options between 1 to 5 years or variable which scale up and down as required.
  • Colocation
    Rack by rack, private cage, private suite, purpose built DC, storage room, office space.
  • Infrastructure Options
    From tier 1 to tier 3 including container and mining hall.
  • Component cooling
    Air, Liquid cooling or immersion cooling. Heat reuse available.
  • Regulated Land
    Powered land and shell building.
  • Connectivity
    ISP providers catering any capacity or layer 1 optical transport (xWDM) needs: 100Mbps /1Gbps/10Gbps/40Gbps for Internet, point to point layer 2 and/or layer 3 links.
  • Meet Me Rooms
    Two redundant Meet Me Rooms (MMR) connected externally by physically redundant backbone fiber paths.
  • Cloud Enablement
    National, international and enterprise cloud providers utilize our co-location services to offer Cloud Services at a significantly lower cost than their competitors.
  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Providers use our data centre to offer their services at lower cost than their competitors from enterprise clouds to international customers.
  • HPC as a Service
    Clients utilize our infrastructure for AI, ML, DL, Rendering and various complex compute for industries like Biotech, Pharma and Banking and Capital Markets.
  • Edge Data Centre
    Micro/Edge data centers close to your users to support low latency but large-scale compute.
  • Smart Hands
    24/7/365 availability that can assemble, install, operate and maintain advanced server equipment including O/S installation, network configuration and management.
  • Resilience and Support
    Tiered Service Level Agreements (SLA) of 98% to 100% availability.