Frictionless access control managed from anywhere.

Complete security solutions.

The task of protecting assets starts at the perimeter and works inwards.

We pride ourselves in providing a solution that is easy to understand, and when deployed will offer the customer a robust and reliable security solution.

Our technical partners are market leaders and have a proven track record of deploying security systems to Government and Military establishments.

Customer challenges and how product resolves

  • Perimeter Security
    Any fences surrounding the DC should be monitored. Motion sensors can be fitted to the fence to detect any attempt to gain access to the DC site. Speakers and lights can be fitted to give audio / visual deterrents to would be intruders
  • Video Surveillance
    External cameras deployed to cover the perimeter, and can include ANPR and facial recognition technology, so only authorised people can gain access to the site.
    Internal cameras are used to monitor footfall within the premises, and can be used to give a visual record of who has accessed a particular area, and depending on the number of cameras, a particular rack.
  • Access Control
    Options range from basic card readers up to fingerprint and iris recognition.

Key stats and KPIs:

  • Secure:
    Consistent with highest industry standards
  • Deterrent:
    Audible and white light deterrents to would be intruders
  • Camera Technology:
    ANPR / Facial Recognition
  • Resilience:
    Monitor multiple sites from multiple locations

Product description:

  • The cost of a breach in security can result in severe damage to the premises and your operations resulting in reputational and financial damage.
  • By understanding and implementing a best of breed approach, we work with our customers to aid in the design, installation and deployment of a security system to meet your requirements and budget.