iConverter® 10T/2

10BASE-T to 10BASE-2 Managed Ethernet Media Converter

The iConverter 10T/2 provides 10BASE-T copper to 10BASE-2 coax conversion as part of the managed iConverter product family.
100m distances supported via twisted pair cabling via the RJ-45 port.
The iConverter 10T/2 detects and corrects wiring polarity reversals, featuring a crossover switch that facilitates a straight-through cable connection to a workstation or a hub, eliminating the need for a crossover cable.

The Coax port has a 50ohm BNC connector, supporting distances up to 185m, and up to 30 workstations can be attached to the coax segment.
Cable termination is handled via a termination switch and a built in line termination.

Management of the 10T/2 is achieved by installing an iConverter Management Module (NMM2) or Network Interface Design (NID) in the same chassis, or the 10T/2 can be used as an unmanaged device if desired.

The management software, if used, can override physical DIP-switch settings such as coax termination or enable/disable backplane. The module supports SNMP trap notifications for monitoring and notification of network events.

The iConverter 10T/2 is a hot-swappable module, and can be mounted in an 19-module (2U high) or 5-Module (1U high) rack-mountable chassis (19 or 23 inch) with redundant AC, 24DC or 48VDC power supplies.

2-module AC or 18 to 60VDC powered chassis, or a 1 module AC or DC powered chassis are also available.


  • IEEE 802.3 compatible 10BASE-T unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to 10BASE-2 coax converter
  • Seamlessly connects 10BASE-T hubs via coax and coax network segments to 10BASE-T hubs
  • Supports 50 ohm coax to a maximum distance of 185m and 30 stations
  • Features a UTP crossover switch and automatic polarity detection and correction
  • Features switch-selectable coax line termination for convenience, space and cost saving
  • LED displays for immediate visual status of each port
  • Modules are hot-swappable in 19-Module, 5-Module, 2-Module or 1-Module chassis
  • Management is available with the addition of a management module to the chassis
  • SNMP management via NetOutlook® provides real-time port and module status information, remote parameter configuration and trap notification
  • Commercial (0 to 50°C) and wide (-40 to 60°C) temperature ranges
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty and free 24/7 Technical Support
 iConverter 10T/2
 10BASE-T to 10BASE-2 Media Converter
Standard Compliances
IEEE 802.3
Regulatory Compliances


UL, CE, FCC Class A, NEBS Level 3

EnvironmentalRoHS, WEEE, REACH
Frame Size
Port Type
10GBASE-T (RJ-45)
10BASE-2 (BNC)
Cable Types
EIA/TIA 568A/B, Cat 5 UTP and higher
50ohmRG-58U or equivalent
AC Power RequirementsN/A 
DC Power Requirements
DC Input: 
3.3VDC, 1.0A @ 3.3VDC
(W x D x H)
Plugin (mm): 
21.6 x 114.3 x 71.1 
226.8 grams
    0 to 50°C
-40 to 60°C
 -40 to 80°C
 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
 -100m to 4,000m
MTBF (hrs)
Lifetime warranty with 24/7/365 free Technical Support

Transport Fare Validator

In this example, an iConverter 10T/2 media converter is used to connect a fare validator that has an RJ-45 UTP port to an existing coax infrastructure.
The iConverter 10T/2 is used to convert the 10Base-T RJ-45 connection used by the validator to 10BASE-2 Coax.

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