iConverter® RS232

Managed Serial RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter

The iConverter RS-232 is a managed Fibre to RS-232 converter that transmits serial protocol over fibre media.
The RS-232 media converters operate in pairs, extending serial distances over fibre up to 120km.

Available in single-mode dual fibre, multimode dual fibre or single-mode single-fibre transceivers, the Serial port interface is available with either a DB9 female connector or terminal block connector.

DTE or DCE mode is configured by DIP-switch on the front-panel of the module, eliminating the use of a null-modem cable to connect two serial devices of the same type.

Validation of the entire fibre segment is achieved by use of a built-in Fibre loopback.

The RS-232 plug-in module can be used unmanaged. In order to use the iConverter RS-232 in a managed application, simply install either the iConverter Management Module (NMM2) or Network Interface Device (NID) in the same chassis.

The management software can override the physical DIP-switch settings such as DTE or DCE selection, and fibre loopback test.

RS-232 parameters such as power, link, data activity status, module type, model, hardware and software revisions, serial numbers and a user-defined identifier can be monitored.

The RS-232 module is hot swappable, and can be mounted in a high-density 19 or 5-Module chassis with redundant AC and SC power supplies.
2-Module and 1-Module chassis with AC or DC power input are also available. 


  • Serial RS-232 to fiber media converter with automatic data rate detection
  • Supports bit rates ranging from 110 bps to 921,600 bps
  • Multimode, single-mode dual fiber with ST, SC and LC connectors, and single-mode single-fiber with SC connectors
  • Supports distances up to 5km on multimode and 120km on single-mode
  • DB-9 and Terminal Block connector options for serial RS-232 interface
  • DIP-switch configuration of DTE or DCE device for easy connection to serial devices
  • Supports RTS, CTS, DCD, DTR and DSR controls
  • Remote fiber loopback switch for easy testing of fiber link, even during serial transmission
  • Modules are hot-swappable in 19-Module, 5-Module, 2-Module or 1-Module chassis
  • Management is available with the addition of a management module to the chassis
  • SNMP management via NetOutlook® provides module status information, remote parameter configuration and trap notification
  • Commercial (0 to 50°C) and wide (-40 to 60°C) temperature ranges
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty and free 24/7 Technical Support
 iConverter RS232
Managed Serial RS-232 to Fibre Media Converter
Standard Compliances
Regulatory Compliances



EnvironmentalRoHS, WEEE, REACH
Data Rates
110bps to 921,600bps
Port Type
DB-9F or Terminal Block
Dual Fibre ST, SC, LC
Single-fibre SC
Cable Types
24 gauge (typical)
Multimode: 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm
Single-mode: 9/125µm
AC Power Requirements
DC Power Requirements
DC Input: 
3.3VDC, 0.5A @ 3.3VDC
(W x D x H)
Plugin (mm): 
21.6 x 114.3 x 71.1 
226.8 grams
    0 to 50°C
 -40 to 60°C
 -40 to 80°C
 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
 -100m to 4,000m
MTBF (hrs)
Lifetime warranty with 24/7/365 free Technical Support

The iConverter RS-232 module is deployed in a star topology network in this example. In the upper left, the RS-232 modules are installed in an iConverter 19-Module Chassis to provide high-density distribution of fibre links from a 3rd party terminal server with DB9 copper ports.

At each end of the fibre links, an RS-232 module installed in an iConverter 1 module chassis provides the media conversion for connectivity to RS-232 equipment.


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