miConverter™ 18-Module Chassis

Rack-Mount Chassis for miConverter Media Converter Modules

miConverter 18 module chassis

The miConverter 18-Module Power Chassis is the cost effective mounting and power solution for the popular miConverter miniature media converters.
Ideal for installing multiple miConverter modules into a high-density, rack mountable form factor.

The chassis holds up to 18 miConverter 10/100, 10/100 Plus, Gx and GX/T copper to fibre media converter modules with barrel style DC connectors, and provides centralised power for all of the installed modules, removing the need for individual power supplies.
It is available with a single universal AC, 24V DC or 48V DC internal power supply.

Each miConverter module is secured in place and maintains a reliable power connection.


    • Rack-mount 18-Module chassis for miConverter miniature media converter modules*
    • Provides high-density fibre distribution from UTP switches
    • Two chassis can be mounted in 3U of rack space
    • Standard 19” rack-mount dimensions allow space-saving and convenient installation
    • Completely software independent with no installation of drivers required
    • Media converters are secured in place. Reliable connection is maintained at all times
    • Media converter modules are hot-swappable
    • Available in universal AC, 24VDC and 48VDC models
    • Commercial (0 to 50°C) and wide (-40 to 65°C) temperature ranges
    • TAA, BAA and NDAA Compliant, and Made in the USA
    • Peace-of-mind reliability backed by a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 technical support

    *18-Module Chassis does not support the miConverter S-Series modules.

 miConverter 18-Module Chassis
Standard Compliances
IEEE 802.3
Regulatory Compliances


FCC Class A

EnvironmentalRoHS, WEEE, REACH
Module Capacity
18 modules with barrel-style power connectors


24V DC

48V DC


3-pin Terminal

3-pin Terminal

AC Power Input Requirements 

100 – 240VAC/50 – 60Hz
0.4A @ 120VAC

DC Power Input Requirements

24V DC Powered Chassis

48V DC Powered Chassis

+/- 18 to 36V DC
2.0A @ 24V DC
+/- 36 to 60V DC
1.0A @ 48V DC
W x D x H
measurements in mm
444.5 x 241.3 x 63.5
Weight 3.27kg
    0 to 50°C
-40 to 65°C
-40 TO 80°c
 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
 -100m to 4,000m
MTBF (hrs)


24V DC

48V DC




Lifetime warranty with 24/7/365 free Technical Support

Fibre to the Desk

In this example, ports from a UTP core switch with RJ45 Ethernet is converted to fibre using miConverter units, mounted and powered from the 18-module chassis.

miConverter fibre to the desk

It is then distributed as follows:
1 – to a field deployed laptop, the miConverter providing fibre connectivity, drawing power from the laptop’s USB port.

2 – to a Thin Client where the miConverter converts the fibre back to copper, providing connectivity to the Thin Client that does not have a fibre port – again, powered from the USB port on the Thin Client.

3 – to a PC / Workstation, were the miConverter converts the fibre to a UTP cable, connected to the workstation supporting a 10, 10/100, or 10/100/1000 copper connection.


Hybrid Copper/Fibre Campus LAN

The application diagram below illustrates an Ethernet network with a star topology providing multiple fibre links to remote buildings.
3 copper UTP links from a core switch are converted to fibre links via the miConverter 18-Module chassis of media converter modules.

miConverter hybrid LAN

The fibre links run to remote buildings, where fibre at each location is converted back to copper and distributed to end users at different buildilngs. Management is carried from the core switch across the fibre link to each switch located at the remote buildings, providing centralised network management across the campus network.

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