RuggedNet® GXPoE+/Si and GXHPoE/Si

Industrial Unmanaged 30W/60W Gigabit PoE Extender with Smart Voltage-Booster Technology

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RuggedNet Industrial GXPoE+/Si and GXHPoE/Si are unmanaged gigabit PoE Extenders that facilitate the delivery of Ethernet data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) beyond the standard 100-meter limit of twisted pair copper cabling.

These PoE Extenders offer a cost-effective solution for extending distance and connectivity to remote PoE devices where external power is unavailable or difficult to provide, or when the replacement of copper with fiber is not economically viable.

As 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet extenders, they serve dual functions as Powered Devices (PD) and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), eliminating the need for external AC power. They are equipped with one PoE/PD port and one or two PoE/PSE ports and can be energized by an IEEE 802.3at or High-Power PoE 60W power source, like a RuggedNet GHPoEBT/Si or GHPoEBT/Mi High-Power 60W PSE switch.

With data regeneration and voltage level boosting, RuggedNet Industrial PoE Extenders can be daisy-chained to overcome the Ethernet copper distance limitation, providing 10/100/1000 data and power to several PoE-powered devices.

Cable resistance can cause a voltage drop across the cabling, reducing the voltage below the minimum standard requirement for the attached PD. RuggedNet PoE Extenders incorporate Smart Voltage-Boosting Technology to sustain standard-compliant PoE voltage levels between hops.

These PoE Extenders automatically negotiate and supply the power level needed by a Powered Device (PD) partner. When a non-PoE device, such as a laptop, is connected for data-only applications, no power is delivered.

RuggedNet Industrial PoE Extenders are plug-and-play, supporting auto-negotiation of data rates and duplex modes for straightforward in-line installation, instantly extending industrial network distances. They become fully operational upon connection of a PSE to the PoE/PD port, indicating power and operational status even without a PD connected. This facilitates the installation along with troubleshooting by ensuring each link is operational.

The RuggedNet Industrial PoE Extenders have wall, rack mount and DIN rail mounting options.

  • Industrial unmanaged 30W and 60W Gigabit PoE Extender with Smart Voltage-Booster Technology
  • Multiple port configurations:
    • 1 RJ-45 PoE/PD + 1 RJ-45 PoE/PSE
    • 1 RJ-45 PoE/PD + 2 RJ-45 PoE/PSE
  • Auto-negotiate PoE power level requested by attached device
  • Non-PoE devices are safe to connect and will receive Ethernet data only
  • Can be Powered by IEEE 802.3at or High-Power PoE 60W Power Sourcing Equipment
  • Can Power IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at or 802.3bt 60W Powered Devices
  • Smart Voltage-Boosting Technology guarantees minimum voltage requirement to the Powered Device
  • Plug-and-Play installation with auto-negotiation of data rates and duplex modes
  • Supports jumbo frames over 9k bytes
  • Wall, Rack and DIN-rail mountable
  • Industrial (-40 to +75ºC) operating temperature range
  • Free 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
DescriptionRuggedNet GXPoE+/Si and GXHPoE/Si
10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet PoE/PD to PoE/PSE Extenders
Standard CompliancesIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3at PoE+, IEEE 802.3bt, HPoE 60W
EnvironmentalREACH, RoHS and WEEE
PoE/PD ModeIEEE Alternate A (Alt A)
Frame SizeOver 9k bytes
Port Types
10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45)
Cable Types
EIA/TIA 568A/B, Cat 5 UTP and higher
Power RequirementsPoE/PD (input):
PoE/PSE (output):
+/-42.5 to +/-57VDC (per IEEE)
+/-50 to +/-57VDC (per IEEE)
56VDC (typical)
(W x D x H)
1.5” x 5.5” x 5.5” (38.1 mm x 139.7 mm x 139.7 mm)
Weight1.56 lb. (708 grams)
Operating Temperature*
-40 to +75°C
Humidity5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude-100m to 4,000m (operational)
MTBF (hrs)
1xPD Port+1xPSE Port:
1xPD Port+2xPSE Ports:
Lifetime warranty with 24/7/365 free Technical Support
* For commercial (0 to +50°C) and wide (-40 to +60°C) operating temperature ranges, refer to the OmniConverter PoE Extender.

Basic PoE Extender Application

This example shows a RuggedNet PoE Extender powering an 802.3at PoE camera, and achieving a distance of 200 meters (656 feet) between an 802.3at PoE PSE switch and the camera.Product_Extender_200_meters.jpg

PoE Extender with Two Powered Devices Application

This example shows a RuggedNet PoE Extender with two PoE/PSE ports powering an 802.3af camera and an 802.3at Wi-Fi Access Point 200 meters from the High-Power PoE 60W PSE switch.



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