Unmanaged Miniature Media Converters

miConverter miniature Ethernet media converters provide cost-effective integration of copper and fibre optic cabling. miConverter miniature unmanaged media converters can be powered with a USB power cable, with Power over Ethernet, or with external DC power adapters.

The miConverter Gx / GX/T range include:

  • 10/100/1000 Copper to 1000Mbps Fibre conversion
  • 1000Mbps Copper to 1000Mbps Fibre Conversion
  • 10/100 Copper to 100Mbps Fibre Conversion
  • AC/DC power supply or DC only power inputs

miConverter media converters can be used as compact standalone devices, or mounted in a 18 module chassis.

The miConverter S-Series are the smallest media converters on the market, and also include an optional travel case.

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