Serial Gateway (DeviceMaster®)

Serial to Ethernet Device Servers

Superior device networking capabilities

DeviceMaster Serial to Ethernet Device Servers enable connection of RS-232/422/485 serial devices across the network, removing the physical cable limitations of in server solutions.

The DeviceMaster RTS, DeviceMaster PRO, or DeviceMaster LT provide port densities from a single port to 32 ports, with DB9, DB25 and RJ45 connections.Choose between TCP/IP socket communications, or the included NS-LINK drivers, giving you native COM/TTY ports for extra flexibility.

Device configuration can be performed using the DeviceMaster’s inbuilt web pages, or via PortVision DX management software. PortVision DX allows you to configure network settings, upload firmware, manage, and monitor Comtrol Ethernet-attached devices within one application.

DeviceMaster products feature enhanced security offering SSL & SSH management and SSL serial data stream encryption.

  • 1-32 port options
  • DB9 / RJ45 / Screw Terminal port connectors
  • Windows COM / TTY or TCP Socket connections
  • DIN Rail / Panel Mount / Rack Mount options
  • IPV4 / IPV6 support
  • Configuration Management by SSL / SSH
  • 32 or 64 bit driver support including some legacy Windows operating systems.


Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-16DB9/RJ45-RM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-16RJ45/RJ45-RM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-2DB9/RJ45-DIN

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-2ST/RJ45-DIN

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-32RJ45/RJ45-RM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-4DB9/2RJ45-DIN

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-4DB9/2RJ45-PM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-8DB9/2RJ45-PM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-DB9/RJ45-DIN


Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-DB9/RJ45-PM

Serial Device Server ICDM-RX/TCP-ST/RJ45-DIN

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