The Voice of your equipment

Maximise the efficiency of your property

The need to manage properties with hundreds of pieces of equipment, and quickly respond to issues is a real problem faced by property owners on a daily basis.

FacilityConnex provides property managers with increased transparency into their operations, and supports a more strategic and proactive decision making for maintenance efforts.

Aggregating and processing data from Building Automation Systems, and other integrated automation platforms provides:

    • Sustainability Management
    • Asset Health Monitoring
    • Maintenance Management
    • Advanced Analytics

Product Benefits

Operational efficiency is enhanced. With the consolidation of data from millions of IoT devices across numerous properties into one single pane of glass

Reduce Energy Consumption and carbon footprint – Maximise site efficiency to reduce operating costs and contribute to ESG – with energy savings up to 25%

Reduced Maintenance Costs – Improve system resilience through real time condition based and predictive maintenance

Reduce critical infrastructure downtime – Granular and real time fault detection to identify root cause

Visibility of service – Customer facing dashboards display real time data onto screens in premises.

Global view – Cloud platform that can scale as required to provide a single pane of glass

Remove the need to replace your BMS – even if EOL – Transfer the intelligence from your BMS to FacilityConnex, so there is no need to replace hardware until it becomes faulty

Leading technology platform, recognised as a technology challenger in smart buildings and IoT.
Successfully deployed in 1000’s of buildings, including prestigious locations worldwide.


Business Communications

Asset Performance Management
Track active assets and monitor real-time asset health.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics
Easily build complex rules across multiple data points and systems for granular fault detection occurring in real time.

Root Cause Analysis
Generated for every fault with cost impact analysis

Asset Management
Keep a track of all the assets across clients in the platform, and monitor asset health and KPIs

Maintenance Management
Complete suite that includes both planned and reactive maintenance and the related workflows

Customisable Dashboards
Create multiple dashboards based on individual needs

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